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Air quality testing in the presence of asbestos

The health and safety of workers during asbestos removal and demolition work is a priority.
When to conduct air testing for asbestos presence:
  • During asbestos removal projects:
    • Daily air tests
    • Clearance/Final air test
Our technicians conduct daily air quality checks at asbestos removal sites to ensure compliance with government requirements and the protection of workers.

Each asbestos removal site is approved through a clearance/final air quality test to ensure a healthy working environment for all workers and residents.

Air samples collected are analyzed the same day by our CQ Fibers certified counters recognized by IRSST, in-house, to ensure reliable and quick results for all our partners.
Asbestos fibers can remain residually in building dust for up to 3 years after renovations or demolitions if asbestos removal was not conducted in accordance with regulations. In such cases, our technicians conduct air sampling in the property to determine if the fiber quantity in the air meets government recommendations (IRSST). This is an ambient air test.

Sampling lasts for 4 hours, and the analysis results, performed by our IRSST-recognized CQ FIBERS counters, are communicated on the same day.
Spheratest Environment laboratory and its counters are recognized by the IRSST Fiber Counts quality control program.
Why choose Spheratest for your asbestos presence air quality test:
  • In-house Fiber Counting by IRSST-recognized CQ Fibers counters
  • Analysis laboratories located in Québec
  • Contamination investigation by an experienced technician recognized by BNQ
  • Same-day results
  • Reliable data
  • Availability of professionals to answer your questions
  • Custom submission(quote) after needs assessment
  • Over 1000 tests conducted throughout Québec
"When faced with a contamination issue, they guided us through resolving the numerous challenges that emerged. Dealing with this kind of unpleasant surprise exposes property owners to a plethora of proven or potential problems. From the outset, Spheratest provided us with the best advice for carrying out decontamination according to industry standards. The company has always demonstrated diligence regarding deadlines. The staff is always courteous, punctual, and available. Everyone I encountered was highly knowledgeable in their field. Furthermore, Spheratest has always been transparent about costs, a major factor in such a stressful ordeal. They are a group of people for whom quality seems to be a cardinal value. Moreover, they treat you as a human being. In such a trial, this is invaluable. It is a top-notch company that I highly recommend."
"I wanted to highlight the excellent work of your project manager. It's truly pleasant to work with her. She is reliable, follows up diligently, and summarizes the issues very well. Our calls last an average of 3 minutes; she doesn't waste my time, and I have all the information I need. It's perfect."
"Thank you very much, I have always felt that you are very professional people. I can tell you that we feel confident with you and see such a difference. Thank you for being on our path to help us navigate through a situation for which we would have otherwise passed, believe me."
"On my site, I expected phases 1 and 2 to be a necessary step, and that we wouldn't discover anything more than what I already knew. But that was not the case. The Spheratest team accompanied me throughout the soil decontamination and rehabilitation process, which was long and full of challenges. Fortunately, they were patient in answering my 1001 questions in the face of my total lack of understanding of what we were finding with every shovel of dirt. They were diligent, available, present, understanding, and flexible to adapt to everything my site required. I greatly appreciated working with the Spheratest team, particularly Isabelle and Benoit, with whom I had many exchanges."